Precautionary measures implemented on all our sites:

Our First Rule is: No Mask, No Entry! 

Social Distancing protocols are strictly enforced.

We have provided the prescribed personal protective equipment (PPE)/Masks to our employees identified to perform the screening of our employees and a record is being kept of all screenings.

We enforce regular washing of hands and sanitising after touching any foreign objects.

Weekly training by means of talks with employees as a preventative and control measure.

Appointed trained employee identified by us that shall perform daily workplace COVID-19 symptoms screening with the available screening equipment (Thermometer), as well as a questionnaire that each employee must complete and sign on site, The following questions are asked:

Are you coughing?

Do you have a tight chest?

Have you lost you sense of smell or taste?

Have you recently attended a funeral or public gathering?

Has any person in your family been tested positive for Covid-19?

Should an employee show any positive symptoms related to COVID-19, such employee will be quarantined and the appointed Construction Manager will inform the Department of Health COVID-19 Hotline 0800 029 999 or Western Cape Provincial 24/7 Operational Hotline (021) 928 4102. The employee shall evacuate the site immediately and seek medical attention by the relevant health care provider, the employee shall only return to site once they have been cleared by the health care provider and provide us with the necessary proof.

Anyone with the following symptoms MUST NOT report for duty or be present on site:

  1. Has a high temperature of more than 37.5 degrees or a new persistent cough.
  2. Experiencing muscles aches & fatigue that are unexplained.
  3. Any vulnerable person with existing respiratory illnesses, underlying health conditions. Anyone that is living with someone who tested positive or who is in self-isolation.
  4. In contact with anyone who is confirm positive for COVID-19

Protocol if you are confirmed positive for COVID-19:

  1. Immediately self-isolate yourself to prevent spreading the virus.
  2. Arrange/Order immune support medication, consume enough food to help your body
  3. Under No Circumstance are you to leave your home for at least 14 days, even if you stop showing symptoms.
  4. If your symptoms start to increase and you are struggling to breathe, you should immediately contact your nearest hospital before heading there as they might be at capacity already and redirect you to an alternative location.

Additional Information about COVID-19

  1. World Health OrganisationQuestions & Answers
  2. Western Cape GovernmentCorona Dashboard
  3. Republic of South Africa, Department of HealthCorona Virus Information