Application Process

Important to note:

These steps must be followed if you wish to apply for a rental unit.

This is breakdown of our Application Process:

Step 1: Application Process
The application process will guide you on how to apply for Povicom rentals and what to expect during the process.
Step 2: Information Booklet
The Information Booklet will inform you of our criteria, how our rentals work and what our complexes consist of. It is compulsory to read through this booklet before completing an application.
Step 3: Online Application
Complete an online application according to the criteria you fit. A Povicom Consultant receives your Online Application. Once your application has been screened, if you fit the basic criteria to apply, the consultant will contact you. If you qualify, the timeframe for being contacted can differ depending on if there is an available unit.
Step 4: Supporting Documents
If you fit the criteria for social housing, you must email your supporting documents to The list of required documents is stated on the application. Your application will not be vetted unless you have submitted your documents.
Step 5: Vetting of Applicant
Once you have completed the online application and emailed all your supporting documents, it will go to the Vetting Department. The Client Services/Property Manager will instruct you to pay the credit check fee (non-refundable). Once proof of payment is received, your application will be fully vetted and you will be informed if you were successful or not.
Step 6: Lease Workshop
If you are approved by the Vetting Department, you will be invited to a Lease Workshop where the Lease Agreement will be explained to you. You will then have the opportunity to take the lease home to read through again.
Step 7: Signing of Lease
After the Lease Workshop, you will be required to pay the deposit (refundable) and sign a debit order form. Before occupation of your unit, you will be required to pay the first month’s rental as well as the key deposit (refundable)
Step 8: Tenant Introduction
You will go through a Tenant Training Workshop where the rules will be read out to you prior to moving in.

To start this process and if you are interested in a unit, please click on and read

Step 2: Information Booklet

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